“Including a Video on a Landing Page can Increase Conversion Rates by 80%.”

Quoting from Julie’s article My Top 5 Takeaways From How Design Live, (takeaway #4) posted on Marketing Mentor.

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Everyone knows videos are being used more and more on the internet. They are an effective way to convey a message and can hold a lot of content.
What really caught my eye are the statistics, they are staggering :

• 80% of all internet traffic is video.

• Video increases traffic from search engines by 157%.

88% more time is spent by users on websites with videos.

80% more conversions when a video is used on a landing page.

49% faster revenue growth when videos are used by marketers.

200-300% more click-through rates when videos are used in emails.

73% positive return on investment reported from b2b marketers on video use.

Julie Cortes writes in her article “Whatever kind of video content you produce (testimonials, tutorials, interviews, etc.) be sure to include it in your promotional strategy: Instagram stories, Facebook Live, email, etc.”

This real estate listing was already pending sale, but we still took the time to shoot a quick video for the realtor’s online presence.